WilliamsWarn BrewMaster Freestanding

WilliamsWarn BrewMaster Freestanding - Personal Brewery

The first product we launched with was our BrewMaster, the worlds first all-in-one brewing appliance.

The Brewery makes cold, clear, perfectly carbonated beer in 7 days, just like a modern brewery. Cider is made in 4½ days.

You can either use malt extract as a base ingredient or your own wort if you are an all-grain brewer.

Transport involves shipping the brewery from Hastings in New Zealand
The price includes a 3 year Warranty.

Option 1: Includes a BrewMaster™ Freestanding unit only.

Option 2: Includes a BrewMaster™ Freestanding unit and a Sundry Accessory Pack.
A Co2 cylinder bottle is required (which is included in the BrewMaster™ Option 3).

Option 3: Includes a BrewMaster™ Freestanding unit, a Sundry Accessory Pack and 4.5kg Co2 Cylinder. This will last 20-30 brews.


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