Still Spirits T-500 Complete Distillery - Stainless - Starter Kit

Complete Distillery

The Complete Distillery is the ultimate set up for producing quality spirits and liqueurs at home. This kit comes with everything you need to make high quality spirits just like their commercial favourites. 

It includes:

T500 Condenser
T500 Boiler
6kg Turbo Production Pack
30L Plastic Fermenter. Complete with Tap, Sediment Reducer, Airlock, Grommet and Stick On Thermometer
12L EZ Filter System
5L Measuring Jug/Collector
50cm Stirring Spoon
Wash Hydrometer
Spirit Alcometer
Classic Spirit Essences (5)
Icon Liqueur Essences (2) 
Cleaner 25g (2) 
Steriliser 25g (2)

We also offer setup and install at home (Conditions, Area and Time Frame Permitting)

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