Roggenbier - Grain Recipe Kit


Rye, or Roggen in German, Rye malt is very hard and and has smaller kernels than barley, and has a protein content between that of barley and wheat. Like wheat and unlike barley, rye has no husks and thus absorbs water comparatively quickly, meaning that the maltster must take extra care not to over steep the rye at the beginning of the malting process. For these reasons it would be near impossible to make an all Rye beer, this is because the mash would be difficult to lauter. Also, rye has a relatively high beta-glucan content, which can make the run-off agonisingly slow. Always employ a multi-step mash that allows for the enzymatic degradation of the many unconverted beta-glucans and proteins as possible. Beta-glucanase reach their peak activity at roughly 45C; protease, at roughly 50C.

The addition of Rye gives a noticeable crispness and dryness on the palate and so as not to conflict with the Ryes natural spiciness, select hops that are relatively low in cohumulone (Hersbrucker, spalt, santium, tettnanger).

Expected Brew Figures: (For a 19L Batch @ 80% efficiency)
OG: 1.048
FG: 1.008
BU: 18
ABV: 5.3%

1400g Pilsner 
900g Rye 
600g Vienna 
100g Carafa T1 
100g Carawheat 
25g Herbrucker
40g Santium 

Mangrove Jacks Bavarian Wheat (M20)

Method: (Multi Step infusion) 
1. Dough in @ approx 44C. Rest for 20mins. (Recirculate)
2. Infuse and raise temp to 50C. Rest for 20mins. (Recirculate)
3. Infuse and raise temp to 65C. Rest for 45mins. (Recirculate)
4. Infuse and raise temp to 70C. Rest for 20mins. (Recirculate)
5. Infuse and raise temp to mash out 77C. Recirculate & Lauter.
6. Boil for 90mins.
Hop Schedule:
7. 1st @ 60mins to go
8. 2nd @ 5mins to go
9. Whirlpool for 30min.
10. Ferment at 20C for 7days, if you can pull the temp down to 7C over 2days after the 7 and let rest for another 3 days.


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