How to Make Spent Grain

How to Make Spent Grain

How to Dry Spent Grain

Grain is a natural by product of brewing. After being used, it's called "Spent Grain,”. So what can you do with spend grain you ask?, Well once that soggy spent grain is prepared for use, there are unlimited things you can do with it from baked goods, to savoury dishes or fun treats for family and friends.  

Note: You may want to use more than one sheet pan depending on how much grain you plan on using.

Spent Grain


1. Set your oven to the lowest setting possible. For most ovens this is 170-200 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Spread out your spent grain on a clean, ungreased sheet pan in a thin 1/4 inch layer.
3. Place in oven and let dry for approximately 7 hours. Alternately, a food dehydrator works as well.
4. 4 hours into drying, pull out barley and toss to mix with a spoon.
5. Drying time may vary depending on your environment or oven. Your barley is dry when you feel absolutely no moisture remaining.
6. Store your barley in an airtight jar or plastic container in your pantry.