The bottling process is straightforward.

1. Use the hydrometer to start checking the specific gravity (SG) after ten days to confirm if it is ready for bottling. The SG should be stable for at least two days before it is classed as ready. (The specific gravity should be around 1.012 plus or minus a few points. Add finings and wait 24-48 hours to let it work before bottling.

2. Sterilise about 30 (640-820 ml) bottles and put two carbonation drops in each one (or a medium to large measure of sugar). If you are using small bottles you will need about 50 with one carbonation drop (or a small scoop of sugar). Use half to ¾ the amount of priming sugars for porter.

3. Fill each bottle with your beer using your brew bottler leaving about 25 mm (2.5 cm/1″) from the top and seal it with either a crown seal, PET bottle cap, or use bottles with the swing top cap attached. 

4 Store your bottles out of the way in a warm (20 °C), dark place (light destroys the beer and taste-hence the amber bottles) for a week. Then transfer into a cold place. 

You can begin tasting your beer after two weeks and drinking can commence  after 3-4 weeks. I recommend you leave  the beer for at least is four or more  weeks before drinking it, as the longer  the period the better the taste.