Tuatara Pale Ale Clone

Tuatara Pale Ale  Clone - Grain Recipe

Expected Brew Figures
Based on 75% Mash Efficiency

OG: 1.056
FG: 1.012
ABV: 5.8 %
Volume: 23L


2.790 kg American Ale (Gladfields)
2.790 kg Pilsner Malt  (Gladfields) 
180 grms Medium Crystal (Gladfields)
180 grms Light 
Crystal (Gladfields)

15 grms Pacific Jade
55  grms Taiheke
55 grms Motueka
65 grms Nelson Sauvin

1 Packet US05 
WLP001 California Ale


Mash at 73 degrees C with 15.5L water, rest for 60min at 67C
Sparge for 30 min with 16.8L water at 75 degrees C.( In a grainfather - continuous sparge)
Should be sitting at 26L before boil. (Top up with boiled water if your under)
Boil for 75 minutes
Add 15g Pacific Jade at 60 minutes left
Add 30g Taiheke 20 minutes left
Add 30g Motueka 10 minutes left
Add 40g Nelson Sauvin 5 minutes left

Whirlpool for 10min ( Whirlpooling: Turn the boil off and either stirring fast/recirulate so it "whirlppools"for the duration)
Cool and trasfer to your fermenter quickly as possible.After 5 days of fermentation add 25g Taiheke, 25g Motueka, 25g Nelson Sauvin Hops to the fermenter and leave for another 4 days. ( can use hop bag/sock for less mess at the end )