Insomnia Coffee Bourbon Porter

Porter - Beervana 2018
Freshly roasted blend of Columbian coffee, vanilla and bourbon, with a touch of Porter. Rich and aromatic with a smooth latte finish

• 1 x 1.7 kg Black Rock Miners Stout
• 1 x 1.7 kg Black Rock Bock
• 1 x S05 yeast
• 500g Lactose 
• 150g Coffee Beans (L’affare Primo)
• 30ml Bourbon Essence
• 500ml of Cold Brewed Coffee (L’affare Primo)
• 1 Vanilla Pod
• 350ml of Wild Turkey Bourbon

•Clean & Sanitise fermenter and associated equipment for brewing.
• Dissolve 3.4 kg of wort concentrate and 500g of lactose into 2 Litres of boiling water in a large jug and add to fermenter. Fill with cold brewing water to 21 litres achieving a starting wort temperature of 20 +/- 3 °C.
• Sprinkle the dried yeast (or rehydrate and add) to wort surface and ferment for approximately 6 days until a gravity of approx. 1015 SG is achieved.
• Add the coffee beans (in 2 hop balls), bourbon extract, cold brew coffee, vanilla (pod split) and Wild Turkey to fermenter and allow to infuse for 2 days.
• Crash cool fermenter to 1-3 °C for 48-72 hours and keg or bottle using standard practices
• Ideally nitrogenate, as served at Beervana