Kronenbourg 1664!
(French lightly hopped Pale Lager).

Mangrove Jack’s Munich Lager Beer Kit
Black Rock Light liquid Malt 1.5kg
Hallertau Finishing Hops 15g
Saaz Finishing Hops 15g
Saflager S-23

1. Mix the Black Rock Liquid Malt, and the contents from the Beer Can with 2L of hot water in a sterilized bucket or pot. Stir until completely dissolved; gently boil this mixture for 15minutes.

(Place the Finishing Hops – the Saaz and Hallertau Hops –  in fry pan filled with 500ml of boiling water and continue a rolling boil for 2-4 minutes. Strain through a fine wire mesh, Panty hose or a Muslin Cloth)

  1. Add about 10 litres of ice cold water to your fermenter and then add the hot ingredients from step one including the strained Hop Water. Once mixed add cold and hot water to the 21L mark making sure the Wert is between 15C – 18C. Make sure the temperature is not hotter than 20C.

(For Extra Flavour you can dry hop with either the Saaz &/or Hallertau hops in the Wert later on too).

  1. Pour the Saflager S-23 into the Wert and stir just enough to make it all sink below the surface. Take an SG reading with your Hydrometer. Put the lid on and half fill the airlock with water.
  2. Leave in the Fermenter in a warm place about 10-20C (preferably 16-18C). Until it stops bubbling should take 10-14 days (Saflager Yeast may take 1-2days before visible activity occurs in the fermenter)
  3. Use the Hydrometer to start checking the SG after 10 days to confirm it is ready for bottling. The SG should be stable for at least 2days before it is classed ready. (Should be around 1.012 plus or minus a few points)
    Add Finings and Wait 24-48hours to let it work before bottling.
  4. Sterilize about 30 (640-820ml) bottles and put 2 Carbonation Drops in each one (or a Medium to Large measure of Sugar). If you are using small bottles you will need about 50 with 1 Carbonation drop (or a small Scoop of Sugar).
    (There is a specific Scoop in store).
  5. Fill each bottle with your Beer using your Brew Bottler leaving about 25mm (2.5cm/1″) from the top and seal it with either a Crown Seal, PET bottle Cap, or clip the on Grolsh Top.
  6. Store your Bottles out of the way in a Warm (20C), Dark place (light Destroys the beer and taste-hence the Amber bottles) for a week. Then transfer into a cold place Tasting of your Beer can begin after 2 weeks and drinking can commence after 3 – 4 weeks, recommended is 4+ weeks – the longer the period the better the taste.
  7. Enjoy your home made Kronenbourg 1664!!

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