Steam Whistle Canadian Pilsner – Ale Grain Recipe Kit

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Steam Whistle Canadian Pilsner – Ale Grain Recipe Kit

OG: 1.047
FG: 1.007
IBU: Approx. 16.3
ABV: 5%
Volume: 23L

4.5kg Pilsner Malt (Gladfield)
10g Perle or Northern Brewer Hops
12g Spalt Select Hops
12g Saaz Hops
2x Fermentis Saflager S-189 yeast
Optional (not included): 1x Whirlfloc/Deltafloc Tablet


  1. Mash at 65ºC for 60 minutes with 18.5 L of water.
  2. Sparge 10L at 75ºC and boil for 60 mins.
  3. At 60 minutes add 10g of Perle (or Northern Brewer) to the boil
  4. At 10 minutes add the Whirlfloc, 12g of Spalt Select and 12g of Saaz to the boil.
  5. Cool rapidly and transfer to your sanitized fermenter
  6. When the wort is between 17-20ºC add 2x S-189 yeast and ferment at 9-22ºC for 7 days
  7. After 7 days when the FG is stable drop the temperature down to 10ºC (if possible) for the last 7 days
  8. Transfer beer into another fermenter (if kegging – otherwise skip to next step if bottling) and transfer into a fridge at 1ºC for 3-5 days and adding your finings agent to drop the sediment out
  9. Keg or bottle as usual


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