New England IPA – All Grain Recipe Kit


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New England Hazy IPA

This Hazy Pale Ale recipe is a good basis for any New England Pale Ale.
With strong citrus notes and some good hop quantities to make sure that juiciness comes out perfectly.

Expected Brew Figures: (based on 75% mash efficiency)
OG: 1.059
FG: 1.012
IBU: Approx.87
ABV: 6.2%
Volume: 21L

4.10kg of Maris Otter
1.36kg of Wheat Malt
340g of Caragold
230g of Carapils
40g of Acidulated Malt
40g of Dr Rudi hops
160g of Citra hops
60g of Amarillo hops
40g of Nelson Sauvin hops

Yeast Selection:
1x M66 Hophead

Additional Ingredients: (Not included)
Orange Zest

Adjust water using Calcium Sulphate and Calcium Chloride to achieve a Sulphate to Chloride ratio of 1.5:1
Adjust Sparge water to 5.8pH using Phosphoric or Lactic Acid.
1. Mash with 17L water at 68º C for 60 mins.
2. Mash out at 75ºC for 5 mins.
3. Sparge with 12L at 75ºC
4. Boil for 45 mins.
5. At 45 mins add 40g Dr Rudi hops
6. At 0 mins add 40g Citra hops, 40g Nelson Sauvin and Orange Peel
7. At 0 minutes turn off the heat
8. Whirlpool for 30 mins.
(Whirlpool: turn the boil off and either stirring fast/recirculate so it “whirlpools” for the duration)
9 Cool down to 18ºCand add M66 Hophead
10. Ferment between 18ºC-20ºC
11. At Day 3 add in 60g of Citra, 30g of Amarillo. Dry hop for 5-7days.
12. Remove Dry Hops, Cold crash to 5C and add 60g of Citra and 30g Amarillo
13. Leave for another 5days.
14. Remove Hops and keg or bottle as usual

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