Bob’s your uncle Best Bitter Clone


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Bob’s Your Uncle Best Bitter – All Grain Recipe

Expected Brew Figures:
OG: 1.045
FG: 1.011
IBU: Approx. 24
ABV:  approx 4.5%
Volume: 23L

4.14kg Maris Otter
190g Crystal Medium
100g Dark Crystal
100g Chocolate
27g Fuggles
28g East Kent Golding
1x Nottingham Ale

1. Mash at 67oc for 60 minutes with 16.5 L of water. Mash out at 76oc for 10 mins.
2. Sparge 17L at 80oc and boil for 90 mins
3. At 60 minutes add 27g Fuggles to the boil
4. At 30minutes add 14g East Kent Golding
5. Whirlpool/steep for 30 minutes, add 14g East Kent Golding
6. Cool rapidly and transfer to your sanitised fermenter
7. When the wort is between 18-22 degrees C add 1 packet of Nottingham Ale yeast, ferment at 10-22oc for 7-10days.
8. Transfer beer into another fermenter and transfer into a fridge or somewhere cool for 5 days and adding your finings agent.
9. Keg or bottle as usual.

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