Heavy Peated Distilling Malt (Bairds)

Heavy Peated Distilling Malt - Bairds

Peated malt can be used in the mash to produce beer with a smoky, spicy character and is often used in Scottish ales. A Peated malt is made using exactly the same production regimes and barley as (plain) distilling malt. The main difference is that peat smoke or 'reek' is introduced into the air drying the malt during kilning. The peat smoke is absorbed onto the surface of the drying malt which, when processed, imparts the smoked peaty flavour to the finished product.

Available uncrushed or crushed in-house on request.
Maltster: Bairds
Origin: UK
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Heavy Peated Distilling Malt (Bairds)

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