All Grain Recipe Kit Statesman Clone

Statesman American Pale Ale Clone (APA) - All Grain Recipe Kit

Looking for that pale ale with the Yowza! This character’s outspoken. Bursting with opinions. Arrives with a floral bouquet. Hoots. Honks. Hops. Charismatic. Honey. Bombastic. Citrus. Distinguished. Tang. Then closes the deal guaranteeing your thirst thoroughly quenched

Expected Brew Figures: (based on 75% mash efficiency):
 OG: 1.052
 FG: 1.012
 IBU: Approx. 32.9
 ABV: 5.27%
 Volume: 26L

5 kg of American Ale.
250g of Crystal Light
250g of Sour Grapes.
25g of Taiheke hops.
25g of Motueka hops.
25g of Kohatu hops
50g of Nelson Sauvin hops.
30g of Riwaka hops

2x Safale US-05 Yeast (Dried Yeast)

 1. Mash with 21L water at 66 degrees C for 60 minutes.
 2. Mash out at 75 degrees C for 10 mins.
 3. Sparge with 10L at 75 degrees C
 4. Boil for 60 mins.
 5. At 60 mins (Beginning counting down) add 10g Taiheke hops.
 6. At 10mins add 15g Taiheke, 10g Nelson, Kohatu and Riwaka
 7. At 0 minutes turn off the heat
 8. Cool down and add to your fermenter as usual.
 9. When temperature is between 18-23C add Safale US-05 Yeast or a WLP001 Californian Ale Yeast
10. After 4days add in the rest of the hops as a dry hop, leave in the fermenter for another 5-7days.
11. Remove hops and add finings agent.
12. Bottle or Keg as usual.

All Grain Recipe Kit Statesman Clone

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