Hoppy KaKa IPA Kit

Hoppy Riwaka & Motueka IPA Kit Recipe

Well executed IPA Recipe with the perfect bitter and aroma balance of hops.

- 1 x Mangrove Jack's Craft Series IPA Pouch - 2.2kg
- 1 x Black Rock Light Unhopped Malt 1.7kg
- 1 x 100g Bag NZ Riwaka Hops
- 1 x 100g Bag NZ Motueka Hops

- 1 x New World Strong Ale
(Which is included in this Pouch)

1. Clean and Sanitize your fermenter, equipment and a fine sieve.
- Airlock, Grommet or bung, stirrer, jug, tap, lid
2. Pour Craft Series IPA Pouch & Light Unhopped Malt contents into the fermenter with 5 Litres or so with hot water to dissolve.
- For Extra Alcohol and a Fuller bodied beer add Light Unhopped Dry Malt 500g (Not included in kit)
3. Use a fry pan to boil up 10g NZ Riwaka & 10g Motueka in 1 Litre of water for 3-4 minutes. 
- Why fry pan? more surface area the better.
4. After 3-4 minutes pour contents of the fry pan through the fine sieve into the fermenter.
5. Top up fermenter with cold sanitary water
-insuring to mix all the contents well.
6. Record Hydrometer reading and keep note.
- Very Important 
7. Add yeast to the fermenter directly once wort temperature is between 16-22 degrees
- ideally ferment for next 7 days at 18-20 degrees.
8. After 5 days add 90g of US Riwaka hops and 90g of NZ Motueka hops to the fermenter.
- in a hop bag for less hop mess to clean up.
9. 4 Days after the dry hop addition and hydrometer sitting stable for 24 hours, add finings agent.
-Remove Hop bag but remember give it a good squeeze.
10. Bottle or keg as usual.
- Dont forget to use cleaner and sanitizer on your bottles or Keg.

Hoppy KaKa IPA Kit

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