All Grain Recipe Kit Irish Red Ale

Irish Red Ale (Dried) - All Grain Recipe Kit

Irish Red's have a light to medium body, and a low to moderate malt aroma with slight roasted grain flavour. They are typically low on hop aroma too and mild in hop flavour. Irish Red ales are amber to deep-reddish in colour and have a clean finish with no esters. Really just an easy drinking ale with a reddish hue. Clean flavour with a caramel malt characteristics and a hint of roasted grain. Smooth with moderate carbonation.

Expected Brew Figures: (based on 75% mash efficiency)
OG: 1.046
FG: 1.012
IBU: 24
ABV: 4.5%
Volume 23L

2.50kg Pale Ale
1.50kg Vienna
450g Caramunich T2
400g Melanoidin
50g Roasted Barley
35g of Fuggle Hops
10g of Fuggle Hops

Yeast Selection:
1x Safale S-04 Yeast (Dried)
1x WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast (Liquid)

1. Mash @ 67 degrees C with 17L of water.
2. Rest and recirculate for 60 mins, or until conversion is complete.
3. Once conversion is complete raise temp to 76 degrees C and hold for 5-10mins.
4. Sparge with 13L of water @77 degrees C.
5. Boil for 65 mins.
6.. At 60mins to go add 35g of Fuggle Hops.
7. At 5 mins to go add 10g of Fuggle Hops.
8. Chill and transfer to the fermenter fermenter.
9. Ferment between 18-22 degrees for 7-10 days with 1x Safale S-04 Yeast (Dried) or 1x WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast (Liquid)
10. Bottle or keg as usual.

All Grain Recipe Kit Irish Red Ale

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