All Grain Recipe Kit Belgian Blonde Ale - All Grain

Belgian Blonde Ale - All Grain Recipe Kit

Belgian Blonde Ales are the restrained version of the stronger Belgian Golden Ale it is generally brewed with a similar process. You can use a multi-step infusion, a single decoction, or as suggested a continuous infusion. The Blonde Ale has a bit more malt aroma from the complex grain bill, but much less hop aroma. Can be similar to a German Altbeir or a Blond Lager.

Expected Brew Figures: (Based on 75% mash efficiency):
OG: 1.050
FG: 1.013
IBU: 22
ABV: Approx 4.9%
Volume: 23L

4.0kg of Pilsner malt
500g of Vienna malt
300g of Carabelge malt
100g of Caraamber malt
25g of Motueka hops
2x M47 Belgian Abbey Yeast (Dried)

1. Dough in as thick as possible @32ºC (8L of water)
2. Then ramp up the temperature slowly and continuously over 3-4 hours (10ºC each hour - roughly) to a mash out temp of 77ºC
3. With the Grainfather add 17L of water at 32ºC and slowly ramp up the recirc. temp to 77ºC over 2-3 hours.  (To bypass this step mash in @ 55ºC and rest 30 mins, raising to 62ºC for 45 mins, raise to 68ºC for 30 mins before mashing out @78ºC for 5 mins before sparging)
4. Sparge slowly - if possible. With the Grainfather sparge with 14L of water @78ºC
5. Boil for 90 mins. 
6. At 75 mins add 35g of Motueka hops
7. Rest and whirlpool for 20 mins.  (Whirlpooling: turn the boil off and either stirring fast/recirculate so it "whirlpools" for the duration which helps extend the bitterness)
8. Chill and transfer to fermenter, oxygenate the wort by mixing vigorously
9. Add the 2 x M47 Belgian Abbey yeast to the brew
10. Ferment between 18-22ºC for 7-10 days
11. Optional - rack into another CO2 Flushed fermenter and lager for 10-12 weeks Bottle or keg as normal 
12. A conditioning period of 2-4 weeks if no racking has been done will help meld flavours together in the beer and help to bring out the its true colours
13. Drink and enjoy this full bodied, full flavoured, malty smooth creation

All Grain Recipe Kit Belgian Blonde Ale - All Grain

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