All Grain Recipe Kit Black IPA

Black IPA - All Grain Recipe Kit

This wonder is designed off James Kemp's recipe, it is heavily aromatic with Pine resin, mango passion fruit and citrus characteristics, the fist flavours that come through are the smooth malt and full caramel maltiness that is then dominated by wonderful pine and citrus hops hinting at red berries and tropical fruit. The bitterness is there without being too grassy or astringent.

Expected Brew Figures: (Based on 80% mash efficiency):
OG: 1.071
FG: 1.015
ABV: Approx 7.3%
IBU: 60
Volume: 21L

6kg NZ Pale Ale 5.5EBC
350g Munich T1
350g Crystal Medium
270g Carafa T3
17g Pacific Jade
130g Citra
130g Simcoe
130g Mosaic
2 x M/J M44 US West Coast yeast
1Tsp Irish Moss (Opitonal Extras not Supplied) 
10g Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum) (Opitonal Extras not Supplied)

Yeast Selection:
2 x M/J M44 US West Coast yeast

1. Mash Water: 22L @ 50ºC, add Gypsum
2. Add grains @ 50ºC
3. Rest 30 mins
4. Raise temp to 68ºC 
5. Rest 60 mins
6. Raise temp to 75ºC
7. Rest 10 mins
8. Sparge with 12L of water @ 75ºC
9. Bring to boil for 90 mins
10. At 60 mins add 17g Pacific Jade
11. At 15 mins add 1 tsp Irish Moss
12. At 0 mins (turn off the boil) & add 55g, Citra, 55g Mosaic, 55g Simcoe
13. Rest and whirlpool for 20 mins
14. Chill and transfer to fermenter
15. Add 2 x M44 yeast
16. Ferment between 18-23ºC for 7-10 days
17. After 5 days add 75g Citra, 75g Simcoe, 75g Mosaic and leave them in for another 5 days
18. Bottle or keg as normal, conditioning of 2-4 weeks of the beer will help meld flavours together and bring out the beers true nature

All Grain Recipe Kit Black IPA

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