All Grain Recipe Kit Sahti

Sahti - All Grain Recipe Kit (Expert Beer Making)

There is a few things to note before making this brew the rye malt needs to be milled separately on the finest setting on the mill. You will be using bread yeast and will need to make a starter for the yeast. The brew only has a short shelf life and is best drunken within a few weeks.

Sahti is also referred to as being turbid, because the wort isn’t boiled after lautering (separation of spent grain and liquid), leaving loads of proteins behind, thus providing tremendous body. A low-flocculating Finnish baker’s yeast creates a cloudy unfiltered beer, with an abundance of sediment. Traditional Sahti is not typically hopped, so the task of balancing is left up to the juniper twigs, which impart an unusual resiny character and also act as a preservative. Some have compared Sahtis to German Hefeweizens, though we find them to be more akin to the Lambics of Belgium due to the exposure to wild yeast and bacteria, and its signature tartness.

Expected Brew Figures: (based on 70% mash efficiency):
OG: 1.075
FG: 1.020
IBU: 16
ABV: 7%
Volume 23L

5.2kg Pale Ale
600g Rye malt
400g Smoked malt
50g Carafa T1
30g Juniper Berries/Corriander
40g of Tettnanger Hops
1x Light Dry Malt (LDM) 500g

Yeast Selection:
1x Beer Yeast

1. Mash at @ 49 degrees C with all grains, hops and berries with 18L of water for 30mins.
2. Raise temp to 62C for 30mins
3. Recirculate
4. Sparge with 14L of water at 72C
5. Raise wort temp to 85 degrees C to sterilize it.
6. Whirlpool for 20mins allowing the temp to drop.
7. Make a Yeast starter. With (LDM)
8. Get wort to room temp 16-22 degrees and pitch yeast
9. Ferment between 16-22 degrees for 7-10 days with Yeast starter
10. Bottle or keg as usual and enjoy

All Grain Recipe Kit Sahti

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