All Grain Recipe Kit Become The Ocean Clone (PE)

Become The Ocean Clone  - Partial Extract

Flavour profile:

For hundreds of years brewers in the German state of Saxony produced tart, salty, spicy wheat beers called Gose. The style was all but extinct when new world craft brewers discovered it and started to brew versions with increasingly off the wall flavourings. We decided to do something revolutionary and brew a Gose using only the traditional ingredients of water, malt, hops, salt, coriander seeds and yeast. Fruity, tart and just a little salty, we think Become the Ocean is the perfect match to a plate of shellfish.

Style and Guidelines:
Type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 22L
Boil Size: 24.00L
Boil Time: 60min
Final Bottling Vol: 20.49L
Fermentation: Ale, Two Stage

Expected Brew  Figures:
Est OG: 1.046 SG
Est FG: 1.011 SG
Est  AVB: 4.7%
Est IBU: 8.2 IBU's
Est Colour: 6.8 EBC 

2x Black Rock Wheat
10g Pacific Jade
2x Safale Yeast US-O5
Not Included:
Coriander Seed
Easyiyo Greek Unsweetened low Fat

All Grain Recipe Kit Become The Ocean Clone (PE)

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