Hallertau Blanc Hops

GR Hallertau Blanc Hops

Hallertau Blanc which is a daughter to Cascade, is a next-gen hop that originated from Germany. Primarily Bred for US Ales. It's flavour profile is fruity, with wine-like qualities of gooseberry and grass, similar to that of Sauvignon Blanc. It also features a complex aroma profile with notes of cassis and elderflower in addition to grapes, grapefruit and lemongrass. Other notes detected in trials have been passionfruit, pineapple and gooseberry. It is well suited to IPAs, Pale Ales, Belgians, Wheat beers and Brett fermentations.

Grown: GR
Alpha Range: 9-12%
Weight: 100g

Hallertau Blanc Hops

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