All Grain Recipe Kit Amber Ale

Amber Ale - All Grain Recipe Kit 

Amber Ales are primarily a catch all for any beer less than a Dark Ale in colour.  Always an impossible task is to define whether something is too amber to be classed as a pale.  This style of beer tends to focus on the malts but hop character can range from low to high.  Expect a balanced beer, with toasted malt characters and a light fruitiness in most examples.  This Amber recipe has a good decent malt backbone with a lot of late hopping giving it a piney, woodsy hop character that isn't too strong behind the malt palate.

Expected Brew Figures: (based on 75% mash efficiency)
OG: 1.050
FG: 1.012
IBU: 27-30 (Dependent on the temp of the Whirlpool)
ABV: 4.9%
Volume: 23L

3.2kg Pale Ale

800g Munich T1
400g CaraAmber
350g Carared
100g Carafa T1
30g of Goldings Hops
20g of Perle Hops
30g of Northern-Brewer Hops (Whirlpool)

Yeast Selection:
1x M15 Empire Ale Yeast


1. Mash at @ 67ºC with 17L of water
2. Rest for 45 - 60 mins and recirculate
3. Raise mash temp to 76ºC for 10mins
4. Sparge with 12L of water @ 80ºC 
5. Boil for 70 mins
6. Add 30g Golding hops with 55 mins
7. Add 20g Perle hops with 55 mins
8. Once the temp has dropped to 95ºC add the 30g of Northern-Brewer and whirlpool for another 30 mins
9. Ferment between 16-22º for 7-10 days with M15 yeast
10. Bottle or keg as usual and enjoy

All Grain Recipe Kit Amber Ale

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