Stir Plate

Digital Stir Plate (V3)
A PID controlled magnetic stirrer for making consistent yeast starters from Digital Homebrew.
Healthy yeast starters make great beer, and the best way to make healthy yeast starters is with a stirplate. A stir plate keeps your yeast suspended and wort aerated while your starter grows to ensure fast, efficient and predictable growth rates, saving you time and money while producing the healthiest possible yeast.
Digital Homebrew's Digital Stirplate is a unique digitally controlled magnetic stirrer that's designed to help home brewers to grow healthy, consistent yeast starters.
Traditional analog stirplates have a few inherent drawbacks that can make them tricky to operate. Without any active feedback, they often take quite a high power setting to get them to initially start spinning (sometimes over 50% on their speed dial). Once they begin spinning, it's hard to tell just how far you're able to safely dial the speed back down without going too slow and stalling the motor. This issue is only exacerbated by the fact that yeast slurries are opaque so it's often impossible to see just how fast (or slow) your stirbar is spinning.
Package Contents:
- 1 x Digital Stir Plate
- 2 x 30mm PTFE Coated, AlNiCo Magnetic Stirbars
- 1 x Global 12v Power Adapter including connectors for AU/NZ, US, UK and EU power outlets.
Speed: 0-2000rpm (200 rpm increments)
Temperature: 12°C to 30°C in 2°C increments. Indicated in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
From: Digital Homebrew, Australia


Stir Plate

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