Dogfish Head IPA Clone All Grain Recipe Kit

Dogfish Head

90 min IPA Clone Drink and enjoy this full bodied, full flavoured, big malty off centred hoppy creation with massive Hop flavours indeed.

Expected Brew Figures:
OG: 1.088
FG: 1.021
IBU: Approx. 95
ABV: 8.5%
Boil Time: 90min
Volume: 20L

7.5kg Premium Pilsner Malt
330g Amber Malt
95g Amarillo
33g Simcoe
30g Warrior 
Irish Moss (Opitional Extra Not Supplied)
2x US-05 Ale Yeast

1. Protein Mash at 50ºC for 20 mins with 19.5 L of water • Raise to 65ºC for 60mins. • Raise temp for Mash out to 77ºC 10 mins.
2. Sparge 7.5L at 77ºC and boil for 90 mins.
3. At 90 minutes we start our continuous boil, adding in 10 equal portions of hops every 10 mins. • Hop Addition Make up: 5.5g Amarillo, 1.8g Simcoe and 1.5g warrior (8.8g of hops) • Add at 90mins, 80mins, 70mins, 60mins, 50mins, 40mins, 30mins, 20mins.
4. At 15 minutes add Irish moss (optional)
5. At 10 and 0 minutes add the last two hop additions
6. Whirlpool for 5 – 10 mins.
7. Cool rapidly and transfer to your sanitised fermenter
8. When the wort is between 20-24ºC add the WLP001 White Labs Californian Ale Yeast and ferment at 21-23ºC for 5 days
9. After 5-6 days add the 5 day dry hops to the fermenter (in a hop bag weighed down with sanitised marbles). When the FG is stable drop the temperature down to 10ºC (if possible) for the last 7 days
10. Transfer beer into another fermenter flushed with CO2 and transfer into a fridge or somewhere cool (1ºC if kegging 10ºC if bottling) for 3-5 days and adding your finings agent
11. Keg or bottle as usual

Note: You can reduce the amount of time between the hop additions, adding 12 portions of hops every 7.5mins

Dogfish Head IPA Clone All Grain Recipe Kit

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