Microcomputer Temperature Controller STC1000


The STC-1000 is a digital temperature controller with sensor that allows you to keep your beer fermenting at the desired temperature by controlling both cooling and heating devices.

The small unit will automatically switch between refrigerating and heating. The common home brew scenario is to have your beer fermenting in a fridge with the STC-1000 controlling the fridge temperature as well as a heat pad or heater belt to keep your fermentation at a constant temperature.

Please note the STC-1000 requires some additional items and wiring before it can be used. You will need a power cord and necessary wiring to connect to both heating and cooling devices. There are many resources on YouTube and other websites that demonstrate how the STC-1000 can be set up to control the temperature of your fermentation.

Includes STC-1000 controller unit plus 2m sensor probe
Temperature measuring range: -50~99 degrees
Resolution: 0.1 degree
Accuracy: ±1 degree
Sensor error delay: 1 minute

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