Grainfather Conical Fermenter + Tilt Thermometer

Grainfather Conical Pro Fermenter + Tilt Thermometer

The Grainfather Conical fermenter with some amazing savings - Black Friday and our 10th Brithday!

What's Included: 
30L Conical Fermenter 
Tilt Thermometerr
Fermenter Lid 
Rubber Bung 
Bubbler Airlock 
Cone Plug 
Cone Plug Seal 
5 cm (2") Tri Clamp 
Digital Temperature Controller
Powder Adapter and Wall Plug 
2 m (6.5 ft) M12-3PIN Power Cord  
Dual Valve Tap

Double Walled
Integrated Gentle Heating
Integrated Cooling Sleeve
Golden Angle Conical


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