Simcoe Smash - Pale Ale All Grain Recipe Kit

Pale Ale Simcoe Smash - All Grain Recipe Kit

Drink and enjoy this full bodied, full flavoured, big malty hoppy creation

Expected Brew Figures:
OG: 1.060
FG: 1.015
IBU: Approx. 60
ABV: 6%
Volume: 23L

4.5kg Golden Promise 
500g Melanoiden Malt
500g Vienna
500g Caramalt
150g US Simcoe Hops
1tsp Irish Moss

Yeast Selection:
2 Pkts Liberty Ale Yeast

1. Mash at 65 degrees C for 60 minutes with 16.5 L of water. Mash out at 75C for 10 mins.
2. Sparge 17L at 75C and boil for 90 mins
3. At 60 minutes add 15g of Simcoe to the boil
4. At 10 minutes add 1 teaspoon of Irish moss and 30g of Simcoe
5. At 0 minutes add 30g of Simcoe hops
6. Cool rapidly and transfer to your sanitised fermenter
7. When the wort is between 20-23 degrees C add 2 packets of Mangrove Jack's Liberty Ale Yeast and ferment at 19 degrees C for 7 days.
8. After 7 days add 75g worth of Simcoe hops to the fermenter (in a hop bag weighed down with sanitised marbles if you don't want as much hop mess).
9. Leave dry hops in for 5-7 days.
10. Transfer beer into another fermenter and transfer into a fridge or somewhere cool for 5 days and adding your finings agent.
11. Keg or bottle as usual.


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