Irish Stout - All Grain Recipe Kit

Irish Stout - All Grain Recipe Kit

Amazing smooth Irish stout, nothing too strenuos on the tastebuds, but a smooth roasted flavour coming through and dark as night.

Expected Brew Figures: (Based on 80% mash efficiency):
OG: 1.040
FG: 1.008
IBU: 35
ABV: Approx 4.3%
Volume: 23 L

3.0kg of Pale Ale malt.
800g of Premium Pilsner malt.
350g of Roasted Barley malt.
150g of Caraaroma malt.
80g of Black Malt.
25g of Goldings hops

Yeast Selection:
x2 Safale S-04

1. Mash in with 16L of water @66 degrees C.
2. Rest 90 mins and Recirculate. 
3. Raise mash temp to 78 degrees C for mash out for 10mins
4. Sparge with 14L of water @80 degrees C.
5. Boil for 90mins. 
6. Add 25g Goldings at 60mins. 
7. When done whirlpool for 30mins. 
(Whirlpooling; Turn the boil off and either stirring fast/recirculate so it "whirlpools" for the duration).
8. Ferment at 18-22 for 7-10 days with x2 Safale S-04
9. Bottle or keg as usual.


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