Bandwagon IIPA Wort 15 Litres

Bandwagon IIPA Wort 15 Litres
Bandwagon Double IPA. This is a BIG beer made with 4 different hops, 85 IBU’s of bitterness and a whopping 8.8% ABV!
Malts: Pale 84%, Medium Crystal 9%, Wheat 5%, Red-X 2%. Hops: Waimea, Chinook, Galaxy, Mosaic.
Moderate to strong hop flavours depending on dry hop, medium body and medium carbonation.

**Does not include Yeast or Dryhops

1. Transfer wort into your fermentation bucket/vessel.
2. Put the lid on and shake hard for 1 minute.
3. Pitch Yeast
4. Ferment beer at around 18-20C in a dark place with a steady temp.
5. After 7 days add in the Dry hops.
6. Cool crash to reduce sediment.
7. Bottle or Keg as usual.

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