5.2 Mash pH Stabilizer - 1 lb.

5.2 Mash pH Stabilizer - 1 lb.

This pH stabiliser will provide consistency of pH in any water conditions, but the most significant gains will be obtained if you are brewing in hard water. Repeatability throughout the brewing process is the key to producing consistent high quality beer. Of all the ingredients in your beer, water is the most misunderstood component. Water is universal solvent for metals, minerals, cations and anions. The quality, hardness and subsequent pH of your water will affect enzymatic activity, solubility of salts, proteins and sugars as well as hop usage and perceived hop bitterness. In addition, water quality also contributes to scaling and mineral deposited on your equipment. Now you have the ability to control the pH of your brewing water under any conditions.

- Optimize the enzymatic activity of your malt.
- Help clarify your wort.
- More consistent hop usage in the boil.
- Reduce scaling and mineral deposition on your equipment.

Manufacturer: Five Star Chemicals
Country: USA


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